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Sew the heirloom candlewicking technique with the Speciality Candlewicking Foot.

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  • ColourSilver
  • BrandHusqvarna Viking
  • TypeMetal
  • EAN7393033047023

Speciality Candlewicking Foot

Brand: Husqvarna Viking
Category: Groups 1, 6, 7, 8
Not suitable for: Iris, Scandinavia and Emerald series
Colour: Silver

The Candlewicking Foot has a deep tunnel on the underside to feed over built up stitching. Program a "French Knot" stitch on computer Husqvarna Viking sewing machines to sew the heirloom candlewicking technique.

Information on use
For most computer models:
Prog: (zigzag stitch, width 2.0, length 0.0), enter this program seven times, (straight stitch, width 0, length 1.5-2.5) enter two times (experiment with length settings, the French Knots are spaced further apart with a longer stitch length).

For Husqvarna Viking Rose model 600/605:
Prog: (stitch number 38, width 2.0, length 0.1), enter one time, (stitch number 1, width 0, length 1.5-2.5) enter two times. Touch REP. Sew.

Part number: 413162345

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More Information
GTIN 7393033047023
Colour Silver
Type Metal
Brand Husqvarna Viking
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