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Insert packaged piping into seams and on edges with the Piping Foot for Husqvarna Viking’s S21, S25, S|500 and S|600 overlockers.

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  • ColourSilver
  • BrandInspira
  • TypeMetal
  • EAN7393033078164

Piping Foot

Brand: Inspira
Suitable for: Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S21, Huskylock S25, Amber Air S|500, Amber Air S|600

The Piping Foot is perfect for inserting packaged piping into seams and on edges for a tailored finish. The trim is sewn between the two layers of fabric in one step. A groove under the foot helps guide the piping. You can also create your own piping for a custom finish. The Piping Foot makes it fast and easy to cover cording with fabric and to insert piping into seams for a professional look!

Information on use:

1. Set the overlock machine for the desired stitch.
2. Snap on the Piping Foot..

To stitch piping into a seam:
3. Place the piping along the seam line on right side of fabric. Place second piece of fabric on top with right sides together.
4. Put fabric and piping layers under the Piping Foot with the piping in the groove on the underside of the foot.
5. Sew piping into the seam.
6. The groove on the underside of the foot will guide the piping as you sew.

To make piping from your fabric:
7. Cut bias or crosswise grain strips wide enough to cover the cord plus the seam allowances.
8. Lay the cord on the wrong side of the fabric strip and fold the fabric over the cord.
9. Place the fabric and cord under the Piping Foot with the cord in the groove on the underside of the foot.
10. Sew. The groove will guide the cord as you sew.

Code: 620117596

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More Information
GTIN 7393033078164
Colour Silver
Type Metal
Brand Inspira