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mySewnet™ 12 month Subscription | Library

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If you have a mySewnet Library Subscription and a mySewnet-enabled device, you have immediate access to all mySewnet designs.

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  • Software LevelLibrary
  • EANSC169089
Software Level Library

mySewnet™ Subscription

Why mySewnet™?
mySewnet™ is a subscription-based collection of software and apps designed to unleash your sewing and embroidery creativity. Everything is connected through a WiFi or Internet connection, so location is never an issue. In your sewing room, by your computer, on your sofa with a tablet or on the bus with your smartphone, mySewnet™-connected products and creative tools make it possible to be creative anywhere.

Why subscribe?
Subscribing to mySewnet™ gives you a wide range of features that aren’t available with a one-off purchase of boxed software. You will never need to upgrade again as subscribers can access all the latest features as soon as they are available, along with access to the full mySewnet™ Library.

Why subscribe through Coles Sewing Centre?
As an official Husqvarna Viking dealer, we are able to offer you an unmissable deal when you subscribe to mySewnet™ through Coles Sewing Centre: 2 months free on a 12 month subscription. That means you can save up to £59.98 by subscribing with us, making your subscription cost only 82p per day for Platinum, 41p per day for Gold and just 21p per day for Silver or Library!

As well as offering you amazing savings, all you need to do to subscribe with Coles Sewing Centre is provide us with your mySewnet™ registered email and we will take care of the rest! If you don’t already have a mySewnet™ account then don’t worry, we can set one up for you with the details you provide at checkout, just remember to add the email address you would like to be associated with the account.

mySewnet Library 12 Month Subscription

When you buy through Coles Sewing Centre you can take advantage of our special Dealer Offer and get 12 months for the price of 10, saving you £14.98.

Included with Library

Discover mySewnet Library, an extensive collection of ready-made embroidery designs. With over 8000 unique, high quality designs, it stands as the largest archive of its kind, and it keeps expanding with new additions.Immerse yourself in this vast collection and elevate your embroidery projects with the finest selection of embroidery designs.

Library Subscription

With a mySewnet-enabled machine, you unlock a world of possibilities, gaining access to an extensive array of mySewnet Library embroidery designs through a subscription. This subscription grants you immediate access to thousands of embroideries from day one and continues to provide access as long as you have a subscription. Enjoy the convenience of synchronization and the abundance of creative options at your fingertips with a connected machine and mySewnet Library subscription. And if you find a favourite you can purchase and save it forever too!

Got a question? Click here to see the mySewnet™ subscription FAQs, including the minimum computer requirements needed to run the software. Alternatively you can call the shop on (0115) 9881550.

Please note, this subscription is only available to customers with a UK address and we are only able to offer support to customers who have purchased their subscription through Coles Sewing Centre.

Subscriptions are non-refundable, as per our terms and conditions.
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GTIN SC169089
Software Level Library
Brand mySewnet
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