Schmetz | Super Universal (Non-Stick) Needles | 90/14 (5 Pack)

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The Super Universal needle has a wide range of additional features compared to a standard universal needle, making sewing many difficult materials much easier.

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  • BrandSchmetz
  • Needle CoatingBlack (non-stick)
  • Needle PointSlightly rounded point
  • Needle TypeUniversal Needles
  • Pack SizePack of 5
  • EAN4006589002783

Schmetz Super Universal Machine Needles

Brand: Schmetz
Colour code: None
Size: 90/14
Quantity: 5 needles per pack
Coating: Non-stick
Special feature: Non-stick surface, longer and wider eye, special blade design, enlarged groove
Point shape: Slightly rounded point

For use with machine embroidery, hook and loop tapes and general sewing. The needle eye and the long groove do not become clogged with adhesive backing and foams during embroidery work. The needle is particularly suited for sewing on self-adhesive elements. The wide range of additional characteristics make sewing many – even difficult – materials much easier. This is the perfect needle for Hook and Loop (Velcro) and material processing from thin to thick. Fit all household sewing machine brands.

Features a Super Universal Needle with a non-stick coating of NIT (Nickel-Phosphor-PTFE). Extra-large eye is suitable for embroidery work. The eye corresponds to a needle two sizes larger (i.e., the 70/10 NonStick eye is similar to a size 90/14 regular Universal eye). Distinctive scarf with the special design of the eye ensures prevention of skipped stitches. Slightly rounded point provides trouble-free sewing on most materials. Strong conical blade reinforcement easily handles thick fabrics like denim.

Suitable fabrics
• Hook-and-loop tape
• Material processing from thin to thick

• The needle is particularly suited for sewing on self-adhesive elements
• The wide range of additional characteristics make sewing many – even difficult – materials much easier: This is why “super” is included in the name

Nonstick coating:If you've ever worked with non-woven backing, adhesive spray or other self-adhesive elements, then you'll have probably encountered adhesive residue collecting on your needle, which can lead to skipped stitches or even torn threads. So, what’s so special about the Super Universal Needle? It has an extra smooth nonstick coating, which means that much less adhesive residue remains on the surface of the needle.

Unique design: The Super Universal Needle has an extra-large eye. This makes it ideal for embroidery work or sewing with thicker threads. The scarf on the Super Universal Needle has been specially designed so that no stitches are skipped.

Universally applicable: The key features of the Super Universal Needle make it easier to sew numerous other demanding materials, such as heavy fabrics like jeans or felt, hook-and-loop fasteners or belt straps. Thanks to its slightly rounded point, most materials can be handled carefully and easily with this needle.

ResilientThe special blade design and high-quality workmanship enable powerful penetration without needle breakage, even when working with thicker materials.

System: 130/705 H-SU
More Information
GTIN 4006589002783
Needle Type Universal Needles
Needle Coating Black (non-stick)
Needle Point Slightly rounded point
Brand Schmetz
Pack Size Pack of 5