Husqvarna Viking | Majestic Hoop: 360x350 | 920222096

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Husqvarna Viking’s largest embroidery hoop.

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  • BrandHusqvarna Viking
  • Hoop Height360mm
  • Hoop TypeSpeciality
  • Hoop Width350mm
  • EAN7393033050498

DESIGNER™ Majestic Hoop

Brand: Husqvarna Viking
Hoop type: Speciality: dual connector
Embroidery area: 360mm x 350mm (14 1/6" x 13 3/4")
Compatible with: Epic 2, Epic, Ruby 90, Sapphire 85, Diamond Royale, Diamond deLuxe, Diamond, Brilliance 80
Box contains: Hoop, hoop clips, exclusive bonus embroidery designs

You can find more information about hoop types and compatibility here.

Embroider larger than life designs without re-hooping! The Majestic Hoop gives you a 360mm x 350mm embroidery area, allowing you to embroider large projects without re-hooping, giving you truly majestic results!

The Majestic Hoop is also the only hoop to include a dual connector, allowing you to rotate the hoop 180 degrees and attach it to your unit the other way up. It couldn’t be easier: simply stitch the first half of your design, remove the hoop, turn and re-attach the hoop to your unit, use design positioning to match up the markers and ensure the precision alignment of your design, then stitch out the remainder of your design. Please note that this function is only compatible with Majestic Hoop designs, otherwise the second half will be upside down.

Information on use

For the best embroidery results, place a layer of stabiliser beneath the fabric. When hooping stabilizer and fabric, make sure that they are smooth and securely hooped.

1. Open the quick release on the outer hoop and loosen the screw. Remove the inner hoop. Place the outer hoop on a firm flat surface with the screw on the lower right. There is a small arrow in the centre of the lower edge of the hoop which will line up with a small arrow on the inner hoop.

2. Place the stabilizer and fabric, with the right sides facing up, on top of the outer hoop. Place the inner hoop on top of the fabric with the small arrow at the bottom edge. If you can see the hoop size in the lower part of the inner hoop, you have attached it correctly.

3. Push the inner hoop firmly into the outer hoop.

4. Close the quick release. Adjust the pressure of the outer hoop by turning the retaining screw. The fabric should be taut in the hoop for the best results.

Note: When embroidering additional designs on the same fabric, open the quick release, move the hoop to the new position on the fabric and close the quick release. When changing type of fabric, you might need to adjust the pressure using the retaining screw. Do not force the quick release.


• Provides a massive 360mm x 350mm embroidery area so you can embroider for longer without re-hooping
• Dual connector, allowing you to rotate your hoop 180 degrees and attach it to your unit the other way up
• Exclusive bonus embroidery designs


You will need a stabiliser to make your embroidery look its best by preventing the fabric from puckering and slipping, allowing a well-formed stitch to be created. You can browse our range of embroidery stabilisers, backings and toppers here. Not sure which stabiliser is best for you? Click here to take a look at our blog post on choosing embroidery stabilisers.

Part number: 920222096

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More Information
GTIN 7393033050498
Hoop Width 350mm
Hoop Height 360mm
Hoop Type Speciality
Brand Husqvarna Viking
Expired Status No