IDF Clear Seam Guide Foot (Group 9)

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IDF Clear Seam Guide Foot

Brand: Huqsvarna Viking
Category: Group 9 (For Groups 1-8, click here)

9mm stitch width for the Integrated Dual Feed (IDF) System. Guides your edge stitching when joining the fabric. Keeps the seam allowances at the same distance from the edge through the project. Metallic edge guide plus 4 different lines for various seam allowances.

Information on use:
1. Snap on the Seam Guide Foot for IDF system.
2. Engage the IDF system.
3. Select a straight stitch.
4. For joining fabrics together: place fabric right sides together.
5. Place the fabric under the presser foot with the metal guide at the edge of the fabric for 5/8 inch seam allowance.
6. Lower the presser foot and start to sew. The guide will follow the edge of the fabric and the seam will be sewn with the perfect straight seam allowance.
7. Use the 4 other red markings on the presser foot for additional rows of seams or a narrower seam allowance.

Part number: 920614096

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GTIN 7393033106751
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