Husqvarna Viking | Clear B Edge Stitching Foot | 920624096

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Clear foot to flawlessly guide decorative stitching along an edge.

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  • ColourClear
  • BrandHusqvarna Viking
  • TypePlastic
  • EAN7393033106850

Clear B Edge Stitching Foot

Brand: Husqvarna Viking
Category: Groups 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

The Clear B Edge Stitching Foot guides decorative stitching along an edge perfectly and is particularly useful for straight stitch and tucks. The tunnel on the bottom of the foot allows stitches to form perfectly and feed flawlessly. The flange along the edge of the foot keeps the distance between the edge of the fabric and the stitching consistent. Anytime your Sewing Advisor or Graphic Display recommends the “B” foot, use the Clear B Edge Stitching Foot when sewing along an edge.

Information on use:
1. Snap on the Clear B Edge Stitching Foot.
2. Place your project under the foot with the flange guide at the edge of the project.
3. Select the decorative stitch of your choice.
4. Sew.

Part number: 920624096

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More Information
GTIN 7393033106850
Colour Clear
Type Plastic
Brand Husqvarna Viking
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