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Mettler | 8 Thread Set: Seralon Winter Collection

This product is no longer available

    Mettler 8 Thread Set – Seralon Winter Collection

    Pack size: 8 reels
    Reel length: 200m
    Thread type: Seralon
    Material: 100. polyester
    Colours: 4000, 0416, 0323, 0331, 2000, 1363, 1316, 1304
    Recommended needle size: NM 80 – 90

    Get the tearproof all-rounder of sewing threads in a practical set! The Seralon Spring Collection contains 8 spools in the winter colours of blue, grey, black and white, each with a length of 200m/220yds. It is the ideal set for everyone who wants to include wintery highlights in their projects.
    Seralon all-purpose sewing thread is suitable for use with all types of fabric, including cotton, synthetics, mixed fabrics, linen or silk – it has excellent sewability and satisfies in every aspect.
    The Oeko-Tex® certified sewing thread offers many advantages. Enjoy intense colours with a silky gloss that are perfect for highlighting your projects. The thread is tearproof, abrasion resistant and has an optimal elongation. With Seralon, you are buying a great thread that you won’t want to miss.