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Wool Pressing Mat

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  • EAN034072004208
Wool Pressing Mat

Brand: Mountain Mist
Colour: Grey
Size: 12" x18" x 1/2"

These unique pressing mats are 1/2 inch thick made from a firm pressed wool with 10 percent polyester for added rigidity. Wool has many properties that make it perfect for pressing, it does not melt or burn and it absorbs moisture.

The mats hold in heat for even pressing on any fabric type. The wool mat also compresses slightly as you press, so your seam sinks into the mat giving a perfectly flat seam. The heat is absorbed by the wool and your fabric is pressed from both sides. The surface of the wool holds your fabric in place so there is no slipping. You can also pin directly into the mat for blocking. The mat absorbs the heat from the iron and the mat is perfectly cool on the underside with just a bit of moisture from the steam.
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GTIN 034072004208