Pre-Owned Ruby Deluxe With 2 Years Warranty


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  Product Description

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Product Description

Pre-Owned Ruby Deluxe With 2 Years Warranty

The Love of a Lifetime - a much sought after machine!

Top Features

The industry first deLuxe™ STITCH SYSTEM
Experience more beautiful embroidery than ever with less adjustments, even with challenging metallic threads, thanks to the innovative deLuxe™ Stitch System.

Design Positioning
The Design Positioning feature joins large embroideries with perfect precision.

Large Interactive Screen
The Large Interactive Screen provides vibrant colors and an excellent wide view.

Large sewing surface
The sewing surface is designed for large projects and unlimited possibilities.

Largest embroidery area
The DESIGNER RUBY Deluxe™ machine has the largest embroidery area in its class*, allowing you to stitch spectacular designs with just one hooping * Non-turnable; as compared to leading brands in similar price range.