Servicing and Repairs to Sewing Machines and Overlockers

Servicing and Repairs to Sewing Machines and Overlockers

We repair and service all makes of sewing machine, overlocker and serger, including Husqvarna Viking® machines. We have a fully-equipped workshop and fully-trained, friendly and experienced technicians.

Why have your machine serviced?

Most sewing machines, including Husqvarna Viking® and many other brands, are very reliable pieces of equipment and will give years of trouble-free service. However, poor maintenance will result in the build up of fluff, thread and debris, which, over time, will force critical machine settings out of position. Roughness can also build up around the stitch forming parts, resulting in poor stitching and thread shredding.

A build up of lint around the main motor can be dangerous as a spark from the motor could ignite the lint.

A complete lack of maintenance will result in premature failure of the machine.

As modern sewing demands more and more accuracy for that professional finish, your equipment needs to be on song to help you achieve this. Why not check out our help page if you have a problem?

We are a national service and warranty repair center for Husqvarna Viking sewing machines . We offer:

  1. A full service -Which is a strip down, clean, lubricate/grease as necessary, safety check of electrical parts, reset to manufacturers specification and full sew test, balancing feed mechanism, thread cutters and tensions. The machine is issued with a full report.
  2. An interim service - This is for heavier users. We strip off the covers, clean and lubricate where necessary, balance tensions and feed and sew test .We can supply extended warranties for most makes once your guarantee runs out. Extended warranties. We offer servicing for schools at competitive price, either on site or in our workshops. See our schools page. Why not contact us for a free quotation?

You can read about our service/repair guarantee here.

Scissor sharpening

While your machine is in for a service, why not bring your scissors in for sharpening? It costs just £5 per pair and we can sharpen most types – from dressmakers shears to embroidery scissors, universal scissors to pinking shears, give your scissors a new lease of life! Please note, this is an in-store only service and sharpening is not suitable for all scissors: we are unable to sharpen scissors with blades shorter than 3” (7.5cm) and scissors with both blades serrated. For Fiskars scissors we recommend using a Fiskars Sewsharp Scissor Restorer, which you can buy online here. If you’re not sure, bring them in and we can advise you!

Collection and delivery for servicing & repair

We offer free collection and delivery of machines in the local Nottinghamshire region when you have a machine service or repair with Coles Sewing Centre Nottingham, simply call us on (0115) 9881550 to make arrangements. If you prefer to drop off and collect your machine yourself then we have step-free access at our Lennox Street entrance and we are always happy to help you to your car with your machine.

If you don’t live locally then don’t worry, we offer collection and delivery via courier. We are able to arrange collection and delivery to suit you and we charge a nominal fee dependent on the number of boxes in the shipment (see below). This fee covers shipping costs and includes insurance, provided the item is packed adequately. Please note that if you are shipping an embroidery machine and its unit, these will need to be boxed up individually to ensure the safety of your machine in transit. We collect/deliver Monday-Friday only and labels will be provided by the driver to attach to your parcel.

One box: £25 each way
Two boxes: £35 each way
Three or more boxes: £45 each way

Before you send your machine, please click here and take a look at ParcelForce's excellent guidelines on packing items for shipping.


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