Sewing machine and overlocker servicing and repairs

We repair and service all makes of sewing machine and overlockers. We have a fully equipped workshop and fully trained and experienced technicians.

Why have your machine serviced?

Most sewing machine are very reliable pieces of equipment and will give years of trouble free service. However poor maintenance will result in a build up of fluff, thread and debris, which over time will force critical machine settings out of position. Roughness can also build up around the stitch forming parts resulting in poor stitching and thread shredding.

A build up of lint around the main motor can be dangerous as a spark from the motor could ignite the lint.

A complete lack of maintenance will result in premature failure of the machine.

As modern sewing demands more and more accuracy for that professional finish, your equipment needs to be on song to help you achieve this. Why not check out our help page if you have a problem?

We are a national service and warranty repair center for Husqvarna Viking sewing machines . We offer:

  1. A full service -Which is a strip down, clean, lubricate/grease as necessary, safety check of electrical parts, reset to manufacturers specification and full sew test, balancing feed mechanism, thread cutters and tensions. The machine is issued with a full report.
  2. An interim service - This is for heavier users. We strip off the covers, clean and lubricate where necessary, balance tensions and feed and sew test .We can supply extended warranties for most makes once your guarantee runs out. Extended warranties. We offer servicing for schools at competitive price, either on site or in our workshops. See our schools page. Why not contact us for a free quotation?