Husqvarna Viking | Straight Stitch Needle Plate (Group 7) | 68003153

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Straight stitch needle plate with both metric and imperial markings for Group 7 machines.

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  • BrandHusqvarna Viking
  • EAN2100000986132

Straight Stitch Needle Plate

Brand: Husqvarna Viking
Category: Group 7, plus the Opal 650, Opal 670 and Tribute 145C
Suitable for: Husqvarna Viking Opal series, Sapphire series, Topaz series, Diamond series and Ruby series (not Ruby 90)
Type: Straight stitch
Measurements: Both centimetres and inches

Straight stitch needle plate with both metric markings (between 10mm and 40mm in 5mm increments) and imperial markings (of ½”, ⅝”, ¾” and wider). A must if you're quilting, stitching in the ditch or anywhere a perfect straight stitch is required. Do ensure your machine is set to straight stitch centre position! If you are unsure, turn the machine off and on again, as this is the default setting.

This plate is not compatible with the Husqvarna Viking Quilt Binders – to attach these accessories to your machine then you will need either the new style zigzag needle plate with imperial markings or the new style zigzag needle plate with metric markings.

Not sure which group your machine is in? Check the Husqvarna Viking Machine Groups image above!

Code: 68003153

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GTIN 2100000986132
Brand Husqvarna Viking