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We have many years association with schools and colleges throughout the UK, and are able to provide a service second to none to ensure you get the most out of your budget.

Technology has made stitching a fun subject, and more and more schools are finding take up in GCSE years. No more P.E. bags or hats – you can design product that could go on sale in the high street thanks to the technical wizardry of Husqvarna Viking sewing products and creation software.

Husqvarna Viking sewing products lend themselves very well to the school curriculum at all levels, with basic, easy to use, reliable, and cheap to maintain sewing machines for primary schools and right up to Year 9.

Add to these the new smart fabrics and LED lights on thread, you can make textiles an interesting subject for all pupils.


Cad cam machinery with easy to use stitch creation software for GCSE, A* and A level

  • The Jade 20 is proving a real hit with teachers, as it is so easy to use and has a host of safety features that make teaching much easier. They have proven to be hard working, reliable machines that are capable of handling the rigours of school life!
  • The easy to thread Amber S|100 Overlocker is a great complement to any classroom, giving that factory finished touch.

Please see some of our recommendations below for you. You can order them direct from the webshop, contact us on 0115 9881550, or email your school purchase order to Neil Coles. We offer a 30 day account.


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Our service to schools

  • Consultation free consultation to establish what the school has, and what is needed to meet curriculum requirement.
  • Part exchange we will part exchange your old models, giving you extra capital to work with. Free valuation in East Midlands area.
  • Lease finance packages – low cost leasing over 3 years with ownership for a low final rental is available.
  • Back up products and free advice – we stock all the consumables you may need at a special discount for education.
  • Full training on all products supplied – we will train both teachers and technicians on all products supplies and assist with installation of embroidery software, all at no extra cost!
  • Service to all makes and models – we offer a full service and repair facility at competitive prices for the East Midlands area. Why not contact us for a quote?


Suggested sewing machine models

Husqvarna Viking H-Class E10

This is a great machine for primary age up to year 9 and on. It is tamper proof, cheap to maintain, lightweight and with just 2 dials, it is very easy to use. Click here to see more about the E10.

Husqvarna Viking Jade 20

A little cracker for schools. So easy to thread and use and with built in safety features, like it will not sew with the presser foot in the raised position. Click here to see more about the Jade 20.

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116

A hard working no nonsense machine that stands up to the rigours of the classroom. They need very little maintenance and won't let you down! Click here to see more about the Emerald 116.

Husqvarna Viking Amber S|100 Overlocker

An easy to use lightweight overlocker for use in schools. It takes standard needles, is easy to thread and use and very reliable. Click here to see more about the Amber S|100 overlocker.



Husqvarna Viking Topaz 40 Sewing and Embroidery Machine for CAD CAM

A sewing and embroidery machine, ideal for school life. Simple to use and control. You can take an image, turn it into stitches, add lettering and stitch out on any fabric with ease. A fully functional sewing machine with buttonholes, etc. Click here to see more about the Topaz 40.


mySewnet™ Embroidery Software

mySewnet™ Embroidery is unbelievably easy to use stitch customizing and creation software. Create lettering from any true type font to sew out. Create a stitch design from any image file or drawing by means of a simple wizard. View embroideries on a garment in 3D and print out a to-scale worksheet, giving info on thread usage and making job costing a breeze. It is ideal for use with the Topaz 40 and we can offer a subscription to schools for just £25 per month.