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mySewnet™ 12 month Subscription | Platinum

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Access the complete collection of tools with the mySewnet Platinum Subscription, offering ultimate control of the creative process and the most step-by-step wizards in the market.

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Software Level Platinum

mySewnet™ Subscription

Why mySewnet™?
mySewnet™ is a subscription-based collection of software and apps designed to unleash your sewing and embroidery creativity. Everything is connected through a WiFi or Internet connection, so location is never an issue. In your sewing room, by your computer, on your sofa with a tablet or on the bus with your smartphone, mySewnet™-connected products and creative tools make it possible to be creative anywhere.

Why subscribe?
Subscribing to mySewnet™ gives you a wide range of features that aren’t available with a one-off purchase of boxed software. You will never need to upgrade again as subscribers can access all the latest features as soon as they are available.

Why subscribe through Coles Sewing Centre?
As an official Husqvarna Viking dealer, we are able to offer you an unmissable deal when you subscribe to mySewnet™ through Coles Sewing Centre: 2 months free on a 12 month subscription. That means you can save up to £59.98 by subscribing with us, making your subscription cost only 82p per day for Platinum, 41p per day for Gold and just 21p per day for Silver!

As well as offering you amazing savings, all you need to do to subscribe with Coles Sewing Centre is provide us with your mySewnet™ registered email and we will take care of the rest! If you don’t already have a mySewnet™ account then don’t worry, we can set one up for you with the details you provide at checkout, just remember to add the email address you would like to be associated with the account.

Bring Your Sewing Machine to Life.
Your mySewnet™-connected machine comes to life as soon as you connect it to WiFi and sign-in to your mySewnet™ Account. New functionalities are enabled, live content is displayed and updates are added directly to your machine. Forget about USB-thumb drives—everything happens wirelessly!

It’s all Connected. Like Magic.
The entire collection of creative embroidery tools in mySewnet is connected through your mySewnet subscription.

The mySewnet™ Embroidery Software, creative tools, smartphone apps, and even your embroidery machine is seamlessly connected through your mySewnet™ Account to communicate with each other. This makes finding, creating, editing, saving and sending embroidery designs to your embroidery machine a breeze.

Don’t Have a mySewnet™-Connected Machine?
Not a problem, there are still endless creative options for you:
• mySewnet embroidery software works with any embroidery machine brand.
• You can subscribe to mySewnet™ Silver, Gold or Platinum and get access to mySewnet™ Embroidery Software which provides the industry’s widest range of digitizing and editing capabilities for your embroideries.
• You can browse the mySewnet™ Library for the perfect designs and use mySewnet™ Project Creator to make project instructions to share with your friends.
• When you’re ready to purchase a mySewnet™-connected machine, you can take advantage of additional features your mySewnet™ Subscription offers.

Never Upgrade Again.
With a mySewnet™ Subscription, you’ll always have the very latest creative tools at your fingertips and you can change or cancel your plan at any time.

Our Most Powerful Creative Tools Yet.
With mySewnet™ Embroidery Software, easily create beautiful designs with step-by-step guidance and access to the most wizards in the industry.1 Be inspired by Spiro Design, Word Sculpt, PhotoStitch, Film Strip and more! Separate software download required.

5,500 + premium embroidery designs. Anywhere. Any time.
With a mySewnet™ Subscription, you get full access to our library of high-quality designs with new ones added every week. Open and edit designs with mySewnet™ Embroidery Software or wirelessly send directly to your machine to sew. Some features require a mySewnet™-connected machine.

mySewnet Platinum 12 Month Subscription

When you buy through Coles Sewing Centre you can take advantage of our special Dealer Offer and get 12 months for the price of 10, saving you £59.98.

Features included with Platinum

Everything that a Gold Subscription has to offer, plus…

Cross Stitch

• Create traditional, high-quality cross stitch designs
• Use the wizard to load an image and automatically create a cross stitch design
• Load a pre-made cross stitch chart into the background
• Click in the grid squares to place crosses, draw outlines with backstitch, and add French knots
• Design your own cross stitch using shapes, text, fill patterns and the multiply feature

Cross Stitch Wizard

Part of the Cross Stitcher module, this wizard automatically creates a cross stitch design from an image. Or, if you prefer, load a hand cross stitch chart into the background and add the crosses manually.


• Get a complete collection of automated and manual digitizing tools
• Choose the fill, line and appliqué options you want to use
• Click points to define the outline of the object
• Create smooth, curved lines with Bezier Mode
• Load bitmap or vector images to use as a guide for digitizing
• Use FilmStrip to organize and edit the properties of objects in your design
• Export the design to a variety of embroidery formats
• Opt to link back to the embroidery module for further editing

Draw and Paint

• Enjoy a full range of freehand drawing and brush-painting tools
• Create and edit vector or bitmap pictures
• Export into many popular image formats
• Create multiply and horizontal/vertical repeats to create patterns

Embellish – Ribbon Embroidery

Choose from an existing gallery of pre-made shapes and forms or draw your own lines.

Import Fonts From Embroidery

Import individual, embroidered letters to create a font for use on the Letter tab.


• Draw freehand or straight lines of stitches using running stitches, triple stitches or satin lines
• Use the Motif Line tool to draw using your favourite machine stitch motifs
• Embroider your signature or use the calligraphy feature to create monograms

Stitch Editor

• Adjust individual stitches in your embroidery designs
• Select a portion of the design and duplicate or delete it
• Insert new stitches or machine commands into the design
• Use the morphing tools to twist and distort your design
• Select parts of your design and adjust the stitch properties
• Use the Density Advisor to view and reduce the density of the design
• Remove unnecessary stitches using the Stitch Optimizer

Is the Platinum level best for you?

mySewnet™ Subscriptions are designed with you in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned embroidery creator or just dipping your toe in the world of sewing machines, we have a subscription for you.

The Platinum level is ideal for those who are more experienced in embroidery or crave complete artistic control, starting from scratch opens up a world of endless possibilities. Platinum level software offers you the ultimate control over the creative process, with many different digitizing options. Use the Wizards as a stepping stone to start your embroideries, providing a foundation on which you can build and create an embroidery design that is uniquely yours. And that's not all! Platinum comes with a full cross-stitch module, allowing you to easily create beautiful cross-stitch patterns with just a few clicks.

Not sure which software level is right for you? Click here to compare mySewnet subscription plans.

Rather buy your own copy of mySewnet™ Embroidery Software? Click here to view the boxed versions and make a one-time purchase of the software.

Got a question? Click here to see the mySewnet™ subscription FAQs, including the minimum computer requirements needed to run the software. Alternatively you can call the shop on (0115) 9881550.

Please note, this software is only available to customers with a UK address and we are only able to offer support to customers who have purchased their software through Coles Sewing Centre.

1"Industry most" when compared to other leading consumer embroidery editing software, Brother PE Designer 11, Embrilliance Bundle, Embird 2019, Janome Digitizer 5.5, Floriani Total.Ctrl v1

Software subscriptions are non-refundable, as per our terms and conditions.
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GTIN SC169077
Software Level Platinum
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